Pelletboiler Sildi All in 2

Pelletboiler SILDI ALL IN 2


SILDI ALL IN 2 –  16kW; 20kW; 21kW

self-cleaning pellets Self-cleaning or boiler smoke stack with manual or automatic cleaning system fully automatic pellet burner – combustion control (supply, fan, interval, etc.) – Up to 3 pumps have automatic control in basic equipment – Control of 3rd and 4th valve valves – Fuel level control – determination of night and day temperature and control – FuzzyLogic controller – remote control of the device from a smartphone or computer.

 The SILDI ALL IN 2 series is special in pellets, which, in addition to the latest generation rotary self-cleaning burner, also includes a boiler smokestack cleaning system that ensures long-term maintenance and free-of-charge operation of the boiler. Thanks to the special design of the heat exchanger, the equipment, despite its relatively small dimensions, has high efficiency indicators. All boilers are made of 6 mm high quality steel, specially for steel boilers. At the same time, the specific design of the boiler ensures low temperature exhaust emissions. The device is equipped with an intuitive control unit and touch screen.

ALL IN 2 series opens up the possibilities to use the equipment not only as a heat source for the building, but also to control and control all heating system chains (floor heating, radiators, storage tanks, hot water, etc.) and mechanisms (3 and 4 way valves, circulating pumps, etc.). Fuel (pellet) feed mechanism, specially designed for continuous and efficient fuel supply. The two-stage transporter system ensures safe use without risk, avoiding the flames from entering the fuel tank. Rotation, the self-cleaning burner, is the newest and most up-to-date solution for pellets in heating systems.

The main feature of the burner, the special feature is the self-cleaning mechanism. Continuous stop and cleaning of the burner is not required. Modernity and ultimate comfort are ensured by the self-cleaning system of the boiler smoke pipes, which can be ordered either manually or automatically. A wide range of accessories are available for the ALL IN 2 Series: outdoor ambient temperature and surface temperature sensors, programmable room thermostat, lambda and internet controller for controlling the device remote control and monitoring from around the world using a smartphone or computer. Different sizes of separate fuel pumps are offered from 0.3 m3