Pellet boiler sildi kta-plus

SILDI KT-A 15-100 kW

SILDI KT-A series pellet heating equipment is the most popular solution for households and commercial objects. Equipment of this series is characterised by high efficiency values, comfortable and easily understandable control.

All the heat exchangers of the boilers are made from 6–8 mm thick highest quality steel used specially for the boiler industry. The construction of the equipment is made in such a manner that it can be used in case of necessity not only for pellets, but also solid fuel (wood, briquettes).

KT-A series equipment have no limitations regarding the size of the container, standard volume is starting from 0.3 m3 till 30 m3 (basic assembly can be supplemented by pneumatic supply system of pellets), therefore providing long and continuous work of the heating equipment with one loading.

Automatically operating burners are equipped with self – ignition mechanisms. They provide economic and easy usage of heating equipment all year (winter and summer regime). Heating equipment is supplied both with classical pellet burners, and with newest generation rotation self – cleaning burners.

Modern control module in standard stock can control not only burning process, but also parts of the heating system (circulation pumps of heating and water heater, three way or four way valve electric motors). When equipping the appliance with outside air temperature sensor, programmable room thermostat and internet control module (for remote control), there is a possibility not only to provide easy and comfortable control of the heating system, constant temperature of the room, but also save up till 20% pellet during heating season.