INFIRE BIO FIREPLACES – The magic of fire, wherever you want.

WITH INFIRE fireplaces we can enjoy real fire in flats, restaurants, hotels and virour solution does not require a chimney or other ventilation systems. 


Our fireplaces can be installed anywhere: or (on in) a wall, on the floor, furniture or outside on a terrace for example. Apart from their decorative function, our fireplaces also generate heat, which, as soon
as after a few minutes noticeably increases temperature in the
room. Its heating power is
about 3 kW, whereas 100% is
emitted into the room (minmum
recommended room area is 18 square meters). Our solution is not only ecological, but also attractive and varied in terms of design, making the
functionality of a traditional fireplace
available at places where it has been impossible so far.

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