Smireal instalments – do not wish to pay for the whole amount at once? Pay by installments!

Purchase your product and pay over time with Smireal instalments – the most low-cost and user-friendly installment loan in Estonia! Smireal instalments offers easy financing – without a catch. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees, so the total you see at checkout is always what you’ll actually pay.

To apply for Smireal hire-purchase, choose the product / service that suits you and write your request to us. We will draw up a post-paid link where you can conveniently conclude a hire purchase agreement and after that we will deliver the desired product.

ATTENTION! Every installment is a financial obligation. Before signing a hire purchase agreement, check the terms and conditions of the respective service and consult an expert if necessary.

The installer is ESTO AS (reg. Code 14180709).

Typical postpay terms are:

Interest from 0%
Contract fee from 0 euros
Period up to 4 years

All 18-70-year-old citizens of the Republic of Estonia can apply for a hire purchase. It is also possible for the legal entity to make the payment of the ESTO hire payment quickly and conveniently.

To apply for a hire purchase, select the product / service that suits you and write your request to us. We will make a post-pay link that you can sign in the right way.

Every financial decision entails risks and responsibilities, so please consider carefully the need for loan products. For example, for a EUR 1500 loan amount of 12 months with a fixed interest rate of 14.90% per annum and a contract fee of EUR 14.90, the annual percentage rate of charge is 34.74%, a monthly payment of EUR 146.37 and a total repayable amount of EUR 1756.68. Postpay is a financial obligation and thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the contract and, if necessary, consult an ESTO AS employee or other expert before making a decision.