About us

Smireal Group OÜ aims to provide customers, partners with satisfaction, fast, convenient and flexible solutions for heating, water supply and sewage works / services. We also offer modern and high-quality solutions for the construction and renovation of heating systems and their constituents (boilers for different fuels (pellets, wood pellets, briquettes, coal, chips, etc., for their control, boilers, modular chimneys, etc.). Central heating boilers: pellet boilers, chimney boilers, biomass boilers, in addition to fireplaces, air-cooking fireplaces , if water-based or central heating kilns.

Also, in our product assortment, the so-called future building material – Nano-reinforcement or glass-reinforced plastic, which is the best analogue, replaces the metal and wood elements commonly used in construction, is becoming increasingly popular in construction. Our products are subject to thorough quality control, while giving our specialists a long-term experience, in this area, our customers, our partners, confidence to work together to find an appropriate, dependable solution to ensure your well-being.

Only real is real, only reality is real.

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